• Why is the edition in No Permits, No Parley
    No permits, no parley
    issue reversed at all times? The Minimum score on this mission is 8000 (PlayStation 2 version), not 9000. Take the test. Start a new game and make the code 100% complete game and then go on the television check the status of the game and it will be there Goal: 8000 in No Permits, No Parley. Oh people who do not know, it's enough to reverse everything. There's the photo to check. And as you can see in the image are 7 soldiers unlocked, not 9. Do you want proof better than that?
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    • I know it's 8k, that's why I stopped reverting your edits regarding that days ago. And don't edit my profile with this info and leave it there. Use the message wall.

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