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Shirtless or tucked in white tank top, fedora. Lieutenants have blue tucked in long sleeve button up dress shirts, fedora with wider brim.

The Hurricanes are a fictional New York City gang in 1979. They are a family based set, made up of hustlers and swindlers. These brawlers love a dirty fight.


The Hurricanes are an all Hispanic gang, with members predominantly of Puerto Rican ancestry. They put a large emphasis on brotherhood, sometimes referring to fellow members as 'family'. They enjoy filling their turf with Spanish language music.



The Hurricanes were founded sometime before May 20, 1979, and adopted Spanish Harlem in Manhattan as their territory.

Battling the PanzersEdit

On May 20, 1979, the Hurricanes' leader Vargas and his brother Diego single-handedly defeated a group of Panzers in the Stripes and Solids, a club in Spanish Harlem. Diego and Vargas' victory over the Panzers was later reported by the D.J. on the gang radio station.

Battling the WarriorsEdit

See also: Adios Amigo

On May 25, 1979, the Coney Island-based gang, the Warriors, sent a Warparty to Spanish Harlem to collect debts from Sanchez, a high-ranking member of the Hurricanes recently released from prison. Several groups of Hurricanes battled against the Warparty, but they were defeated as the Warriors made their way to the Stripes and Solids to confront Sanchez. At the Stripes and Solids, a large group of Hurricanes battled the Warparty in order to protect Sanchez, although the entire group of Hurricanes was defeated by the Warriors. Sanchez was then chased by two members of the Warriors, Ajax and Cochise; Sanchez was almost caught by the Warriors several times, although both times he called on the Hurricanes to help him battle Ajax and Cochise.

Sanchez eventually made his way to an old building, where he sought the help of Diego to battle the Warriors. Diego battled the Warparty for some time, before Vargas joined the battle; however, Diego and Vargas were both defeated by the Warriors, who then pursued Sanchez onto the roof. On the roof, the Warriors collected the debts owed to them by Sanchez, before Sanchez was made to fall off the roof by the Warparty, falling onto a car below and perish.

Invading Coney IslandEdit

See also: Bonus Objective: Coney Island

Sometime after the Hurricanes' battle with the Warriors, a group of Hurricanes invaded Coney Island. However, the group of 16 Hurricanes was defeated by the Warriors.

Battling the BoppersEdit

On June 30, 1979, the Hurricanes battled the Boppers in Harlem. The D.J. later mentioned the battle on the gang radio station.

The MeetingEdit

See also: The Warriors, Desperate Dudes

When the meeting was held by Cyrus and the Gramercy Riffs, the Hurricanes were one of the New York City's street gangs that were invited to the conclave. Nine members of the Hurricanes travelled from Spanish Harlem to the meeting in Van Cortlandt Park, the Bronx. At the meeting, the Hurricanes witnessed the death of Cyrus.


  • Acero (Lieutenant)
  • Alejandro (Soldier)
  • Arbol (Soldier)
  • Barto (Soldier)
  • Benicio (Soldier)
  • Caballo (Soldier)
  • Camion (Lieutenant)
  • Diego (Co-Warlord)
  • Eusebio (Soldier)
  • Gato (Soldier)
  • Javier (Lieutenant)
  • Juan (Soldier)
  • Ladrillo (Soldier)
  • Manny (Soldier)
  • Martillo (Soldier)
  • Nino (Soldier)
  • Pablo (Soldier)
  • Rico (Main Lieutenant)
  • Rodrigo (Soldier)
  • Salvador (Soldier)
  • Sanchez (Former Associate; Deceased)
  • Santo (Soldier)
  • Tejano (Lieutenant)
  • Toro (Soldier)
  • Vargas (Warlord)

In the FilmEdit

In the film, the Hurricanes appear at Cyrus' big meeting in Van Cortlandt Park.

In the GameEdit

They appear in the mission Adios Amigo, when Sanchez, a lieutenant of the Hurricanes, who owes money to the Warriors, gets parole. A Warparty of Warriors is sent to Spanish Harlem to collect, when Sanchez refuses, he's backed by the Hurricanes. This ends with Sanchez being found dead on top of a crushed car.

They can be seen talking with a Riff messenger about Cyrus' meeting in a cutscene for the mission All-City.

They can be seen attending and leaving Cyrus' meeting in the cutscene for the mission Desperate Dudes.

In Bonus Objective: Turf Invasion #4 the Hurricanes send an army down to Coney Island.

In the NovelEdit

A gang similar to the Hurricanes appears in the novel, called the Boriquen Blazers, who make peace with the protagonist Dominators at first, however they eventually fight after one of the Blazers' members wants one of the Dominators' insignia pins.



  • A Puerto Rican gang in leather jackets and Hawaiian shirts is seen patrolling a street carrying a radio in the film, during the famous "Nowhere to Run" montage. In the game, models of the Hurricanes are used in a recreation of this scene, suggesting that the original gang members may have been Hurricanes as well.


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