The Electric Eliminators
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The Hi-Hats
The Savage Huns
The Destroyers
The Baseball Furies
The Boppers
The Hurricanes
The Rogues
The Warriors
The Lizzies
The Moonrunners


The Saracens
The Punks
The Gramercy Riffs
The Turnbull AC's
The Panzers
The Jones Street Boys
The Orphans


Yellow satin jacket. Lieutenants have green sleeves.

The Electric Eliminators are a fictional New York City gang in 1979.


  • Beckman (Soldier)
  • Blaze (Soldier)
  • Charlton (Soldier)
  • Dash (Lieutenant)
  • EZ (Soldier)
  • Flair (Soldier)
  • Flash (Soldier)
  • Header (Main Lieutenant)
  • Lazer (Soldier)
  • Pelly (Soldier)
  • Slyde (Soldier)
  • Speed (Soldier)
  • Styles (Soldier)
  • Tracer (Warlord)
  • Zidane (Soldier)

In the FilmEdit

In the movie, the Electric Eliminators are seen walking in the station for the meeting. They can also be seen at the meeting while Cyrus is talking. When Cyrus gets shot by Luther they can be seen panicking with the rest of the gangs.

In the GameEdit

In The Best they are seen participating in the King of the Hill competition.

When the Warriors show up for the competition in Soho, the Electric Eliminators also compete in Writer's Block, but lose. After the competition, and after Scopes gets wrecked, they are seen brawling with the Hi-Hats.

In the cutscene of Desperate Dudes they are seen going to and attending Cyrus' meeting.

In No Permits, No Parley they can also be seen battling the Cops and Ajax.

In the Rumble Mode feature, if you fight the Savage Huns, play as the Savage Huns or have a Huns' member in your created gang, the Electric Eliminators will be more aggressive towards them. The Savage Huns are defeated by The Electric Eliminators attacks much more often. Why this happens is unclear but it could be a reference to the Savage Huns' and the Eliminators' rivalry.



  • Despite having lieutenants, they only appear in Armies of the Night and cutscenes and are nowhere else in the game besides Rumble Mode. Even though the Eliminators physically appear at several points in the game. This also occurs with The Jones Street Boys and The Panzers.


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