The four main generic officers (left to right); Wyatt, Dawson, Dubrowski, Riley.

The Cops (aka the NYPD/New York City Police Department) are officers of the law, appearing in The Warriors motion picture and The Warriors video game.


The cops are normally referred to by the gangs as "pigs"; a common derogatory statement for a police officer. They are also shown to be quite corrupt, for example; they are said to have 'gotten into' the looting that took place during Blackout.


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Fighting AbilityEdit

Depending on the difficulty setting, and the crime, they usually respond to calls in big numbers. Robbing stores will set an alarm, and two will usually come, or if they're called for a fight, or a mugging, just one.

At any moment when not engaged in combat, if they feel the need to call for back up, they will take out their walkie-talkie and call for dispatch, which can make it harder, especially for stealth missions.

Their A.I. is exceptional, and will not intervene when two gang members are fighting each other. Although they cannot climb or run as fast as the player, they will stop at nothing to catch you, including throwing their nightstick, if on higher ground.


  • They were the only cops to not to use their guns in a Rockstar game, until Bully was released a year later, which is the only exception.
  • In the game, if you grab and toss someone at a cop, the cop will fight and arrest the person who was tossed onto the cop, except civilians.
  • In Story Mode, they always lie still once beaten, but can crawl away in Rumble Mode.


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