Strippers are a gang made up of girls in Harlem. They are not an actual gang, just a collection of women that share the same profession.

In The GameEdit

In Flashback E: Sharp Dressed Man, the player can give them money, and in exchange, the stripper will provide sexually provocative movements.

Fighting AbilityEdit

They are available in Rumble Mode.


Trivia Edit

  • In Sharp Dressed Man, Debbie has her own big stage on the opposite side of the entrance, Isis has her own small stage near the entrance, Cleo and Sugar share a stage near the entrance, whilst another 'Sugar' is giving Fillmore a private dance. Lilly and Simone do not appear at all.
    • However, since Sugar and Simone have the same head model, it can be assumed that one of the 'Sugars' in Sharp Dressed Man is actually Simone with a green bikini.
  • If Cochise pays a stripper, he may say "These chicks are stacked, man" in Snow's voice.
  • Snow cannot pay strippers as player 2.
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