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Gender: Male
Gang: The Gramercy Riffs
Race: African-American
Status: Alive
You Warriors are Good, Real Good.
~ Masai to Swan

Masai is the Gramercy Riffs' Main Lieutenant-turned-Warlord. He was played by Edward Sewer and voiced by Charles Parnell.

Description[edit | edit source]

Masai wears a black robe and mirrored sunglasses. His authority is unquestioned and feared.

In The Film[edit | edit source]

He was informed by the Rogues that the Warriors shot Cyrus and attempts to hunt them down and bring them to justice. He is later told by an eyewitness, however, that it was the Rogues who shot Cyrus. He and his gang then travel to Coney Island to apprehend the Rogues and most likely kill them, or at least Luther but not the remaining Rogues.

In The Game[edit | edit source]

Before the events of the meeting, Cyrus is seen a few times explaining his plans to Masai, who doesn't seem too enthusiastic about them and fears that the gangs will not come in peace, which he was correct about.

Jailbreak[edit | edit source]

Masai orders the Hi-Hats to Warriors turf to start a brawl with the Warriors that would lead to the Warriors deciding to spring Ajax. When the Warriors arrive at the prison, the Riffs meet them there, where they decide to work together to free Ajax and two Riffs that were arrested in the night of the meeting. After Ajax and the two Riffs are free, Swan speaks to Masai about continuing the plan of a unified gang, but Masai insists that dream died with Cyrus.

Fighting Ability[edit | edit source]

Masai, like most characters, shares the 2-hit combos as standard grapple moves, with Ajax's rage grapple moves. Like most characters, he uses the roundhouse and tornado kicks as power moves. Unlike most Riffs, he uses the fighting style of Ajax and Snow, and the standard cross-dive, not the flying kick.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "I... I see the Van Corlandt Rangers' turf." - After Cyrus asks him what he sees
  • "Who are the Warriors? … There must be some word!... I want them all! I want all the 'Warriors'! I want them alive, if possible. If not? Wasted! But I want them... Send the word!" - Addressing his gang
  • "We found who we're looking for." - To Swan, when finding the Rogues
  • "You Warriors are good... real good." - To Swan

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Edward Sewer is listed in the film credits under 'The Riffs'.
  • In the game credits, the player can control Masai in a fight between the Riffs and the Rogues.
  • In the mini game Armies of the Night he appears kidnapping Mercy.
  • In the final scene, where the Riffs show up in Coney in the game, Masai wore a black shirt, like all other Riffs present. However, in the game, he still wore his robe. This was likely done to signify his ranking, similar to altering the appearance of Thurman.
  • Dennis Gregory is credited as 'Masai' in the film, but Edward Sewer played Masai, and he wasn't named until the game. This was possibly a credit for a member of The Masai.
  • Masai wasn't named until the video game, instead simply being named the "New Cyrus".

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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