The Warriors
The Warriors

Lemmy is a Lieutenant of the Destroyers. He was voiced by Chandler Parker.


He wears jeans, a grey shirt, and blue fingerless gloves. Unlike other Destroyers, instead of wearing a button shirt (with the gang's emblem on the back), he wears a sleeveless waistcoat, similar to The Warriors' colors. Only he and Beansie wear this as their colors.

In The Game[]

Lemmy answers directly to Virgil and is known to sell drugs to the Jones Street Boys. He can be killed by Cleon or Vermin with a devastating rage attack in Destroyed. His fate after Virgil's death is unknown, as he is not seen or heard from after the Destroyers lose The War for Coney Island.

Fighting Ability[]

Lemmy, like the rest of the Destroyers' lieutenants, has a unique power move, which is basically a huge punch. His standing knee grapple move is shared with Sid, Thrash, and the four JSB Soldiers. He also uses Fox's standard ground grapple move.

Like most male characters, he has Ajax's rage grapple moves.

Like all physically unfit and/or untrained characters in Rumble Mode, it is unknown why he can perform the tornado kick, as one would have to be the pinnacle of physical fitness to perform such an attack. This is probably just a flaw in game mechanics.


  • "This way, you shits!" - LET'S GO
  • "Hold here!" - HOLD UP
  • "Destroyers, get my back!" - WATCH MY BACK
  • "You wanna see trouble? I'll make you bleed, motherfucker!" - Threat
  • "What's my name, fucker? Huh?! It's 'Lemmy'. Lemmy!" - Pinning opponent


  • It is unknown if he is promoted after the death of Virgil, as he and Beansie share the same rank.
  • In Roots, Lemmy is shown to be in a relationship with Shandra.