The Warriors
The Warriors

Fuck taxin' 'em, fuck tryin' to talk to 'em, we gotta do what they do best - beat the livin' shit out of 'em! It ain't hard to do, man, just suck it up and start throwin' fists. We can win this thing, man!
~ Gus' plan

Gus is a soldier in the Moonrunners. He was voiced by Holter Graham.

In The Game[]

Gus is seen in Writer's Block, where he defends Luna 51 in the burner contest, and All-City, where he attempts to wreck the Warriors for invading their turf.


  • "C'mon. This way." - LET'S GO
  • "Hold on." - HOLD UP
  • "Kill all these bastards!" - WRECK 'EM ALL
  • "Help me out, you pussies!" - WATCH MY BACK
  • "Hey, maybe you should go practice or somethin'!" - Threat
  • *Laughing* "What a FUCKIN' feather-weight!" - Threat
  • "You ready to get your balls ripped off?!" - Threat
  • "You ready to bleed?! 'Cause I'ma make you piss blood!" - Threat
  • "Look at me! I'm gonna waste you!" - Threat
  • "You gonna cry, you gonna run away?!" - Threat
  • "Let's rock, fucker, let's get a JAM goin' on!" - Threat
  • "Hey, man! Why're your knees shakin'? What're you worried about, hehehe." - Taunt
  • "Hey, chump. You wanna get heavy?" - Taunt
  • "You dicks lost? I'll help you find your way, come on over here." - Taunt
  • "Hey, fuckers. You wanna get in on a little action?" - Taunt
  • "You lookin' for trouble? 'Cause you've found yourself a fight." - Taunt
  • "Brother, you've GOTTA have a deathwish. You KNOW we're a heavy outfit." - Taunt
  • "Look at 'lion-heart' over here. Look how BRAVE this motherfucker moves." - Taunt
  • "What's the word, macho man? You lookin' to get down - get heavy?" - Taunt
  • "Yeah-heah!" - Victory
  • "Alright!" - Victory
  • "WOOO!" - Victory
  • "That's where you belong..." - Defeated opponent
  • "Come on, pussy. Finish what you started." - Defeated opponent
  • "THAT's your best move?" - Defeated opponent
  • "That's where you belong..." - Defeated opponent
  • "I've fuckin' ruined you. Stay down!" - Defeated opponent
  • "You're one SOFT motherfucker..." - Defeated opponent
  • "Take a piece o' this!" - Pinning opponent
  • "I'm doin' this just for YOU, man!" - Pinning opponent
  • "You're a pussy little shit, ain't ya?" - Pinning opponent
  • "I BET this hurts!" - Pinning opponent
  • "Fuckin' DEAD!" - Pinning opponent
  • "You're NOTHIN'! Just a little fuckin' worm!" - Pinning opponent
  • "It's okay to cry, little boy!" *Hysterical laughter* - Pinning opponent
  • "What was that shit? Come on out, motherfucker." - Heard a noise
  • "Fuckin' hell, what's makin' that noise?!" - Heard a noise
  • "Get the fuck out here! I know there's someone there." - Heard a noise
  • "Too scared to fight, huh? I'll bet you're shittin' your pants right now!" - Searching for enemy
  • "I don't care how long it takes - gettin' your blood on my hands is worth it!" - Searching for enemy
  • "Tell ya what; you just send out your leader! I'll settle for that little cock!" - Searching for enemy