The Warriors
The Warriors


This is the list of gangs that appear in the novel, movie, games, and comics. The Warriors is known not only for its detail on its own gang, but the diverse and realistic or wacky gangs that surround them in New York City.

Novel Gangs[]

Gang Name Film Interpretation
The Coney Island Dominators The Warriors
The Delancey Thrones The Gramercy Riffs
The Colonial Lords The Rogues
The Borinquen Blazers The Orphans
The Castro Stompers The Turnbull ACs
The Spahies The Lizzies
The Golden Jenissaries N/A
The Intervale Avenue Lesbos
The Jackson Street Masais
The Morningside Seraphs

Main Gangs[]

These 22 gangs are listed in order of turf (North to South).

Gang Name Turf
The Gramercy Riffs Van Cortlandt Park
The Van Cortlandt Rangers
The Turnbull AC's Gun Hill Road, Bronx
Pelham, Bronx
The Moonrunners Pelham Trainyard, Bronx
The Orphans Tremont, West Bronx
The Boppers Harlem, Upper Manhattan
The Hurricanes East Harlem, Upper Manhattan
The Baseball Furies Riverside, Manhattan
The Rogues Hell's Kitchen, West Manhattan
The Lizzies Bowery, Manhattan
The Punks
The Hi-Hats SoHo, Manhattan
The Electric Eliminators
The Savage Huns Chinatown, Brooklyn
The Jones Street Boys Bensonhurst, Brooklyn
The Saracens
The Satan's Mothers Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn
The Destroyers Coney Island, Brooklyn
The Warriors
The Panzers Unknown
The Gladiators
The Boyle Avenue Runners

Other Gangs[]

Little is known about the formation of each of these 67 gangs, except that they were founded sometime before 12th July, 1979, and that they were on the Riffs' network.

When the Riffs called a conclave of New York City's gangs, nine delegates of each gang were sent to the meeting on behalf of the gang.

At the meeting in Van Cortlandt Park, the Bronx, it is unknown what became of the gangs' delegates when Cyrus was shot and the meeting was interrupted by the police.

Listed alphabetically.

Gang Name Notes
The Alleycats Bad luck appears to be their recurring theme, as the cat in their logo is black, and the number on its tail is 13.
The Amsterdam All-Stars N/A
The Big Trains It's possible that D-Train was once a member of this gang.
The Black Hands Stacey is a member.
The Blackjacks N/A
The Charlemagnes
The Colt 45′s
The Dealers
The Delaney Rovers
The Dingos Originally a homosexual gang who owned Doberman pinschers and captured Swan (cut from script). They're referenced in Heavy Muscle's unused audio.
The E Street Shufflers N/A
The Easy Aces In the movie script, Mercy originally mentioned them in her dialogue about everybody 'soldiering in' to Sully.
The Eighth Avenue Apaches Their turf is Eighth Avenue, Manhattan.
The Fastballs They're allied with the Boppers. Kip and Randy are members.
The Fifth Street Bombers N/A
The Filmores
The Firetasters
The Five Points
The Gerrards
The Go Hards
The Gun Hill Dancers Their turf is Gun Hill, Bronx.
The High Rollers N/A
The Homeboys In the movie script, Mercy originally mentioned them in her dialogue about everybody 'soldiering in' to Sully.
The Hoplites N/A
The Howitzers
The Huks
The Imps
The Jesters
The Judas Bunch On 20th May, 1979, the Judas Bunch were defeated by the Boppers in Harlem, which was later reported by the DJ. They also were defeated by the Riffs at some point, as mentioned by Swan. Their leader was killed for skimming money from the AC's at some point, as mentioned by Snow.
The Jupiters N/A
The Knockdowns
The Knuckles
The Locos
The Magicians
The Masai In the movie script, Mercy originally mentioned them in her dialogue about everybody 'soldiering in' to Sully. They aren't listed as having appeared at the meeting, so they are most likely not on the network.
The Meatpackers In the movie script, Mercy originally mentioned them in her dialogue about everybody 'soldiering in' to Sully.
The Mongols In the movie script, the Warriors originally walk through their territory while they're playing stoopball. Cochise mentions that they lost a soldier to the Mongols in 1978. They dress similarly to the Huns.
The Napoleons N/A
The Nickel Steaks
The Nightriders In the movie script, Vermin asks if there are any at the meeting, as he dislikes them.
The Ninth Avenue Razors Their turf is Ninth Avenue, Manhattan.
The Phillies N/A
The Plainsmen
The Queen’s Bridge Mutilators
The Real Boys
The Red Hook Shooters Their turf is Red Hook, Brooklyn.
The Roadmasters N/A
The Romans
The Runaways
The Saratogas
The Shanghai Sultans
The Southern Cross Their name implies that they are a white supremacist gang.
The Speedwagons N/A
The Stevedores
The Stilletos
The Stonebreakers
The Terriers
The Turks
The West Side Lords In 1979, they were defeated by an all-female gang, as mentioned by Ajax. It was possibly the Lizzies, although an east-side girl gang is mentioned by the Lizzies in their hangout, so they could've been responsible. Their textures are in the game files with the prefix 'West'. The textures for the Warlord and main lieutenant match two members standing behind Knox at the meeting.
The Whispers N/A
The Wizards
The Xenophones
The Xylophones
The Yo-Yo’s
The Youngbloods
The Zodiacs
The Zulus


Listed alphabetically.

  1. Flash Dealers
  2. Knife Dealers
  3. Spray Dealers

Work Force[]

Listed alphabetically.

  1. Bartenders
  2. Bouncers
  3. Clerks
  4. Cops
  5. Huns Affliates
  6. Pimps and Hos
  7. Strippers
  8. Workers

Area Civilians[]

Listed in order of turf (North to South).

  1. Pelham
  2. Tremont
  3. Harlem (Disco Guys & Disco Girls)
  4. Spanish Harlem
  5. Riverside
  6. Chinatown
  7. Bensonhurst
  8. Coney


Listed alphabetically.

  1. Civilians
  2. Extras
  3. Hobos
  4. Movie Extras
  5. Vagrants