This is the list of gangs that appear in the movie, gamescomics, and novel. The Warriors is known not only for its detail on its own gang, but the diverse and realistic or wacky gangs that surround them in New York City.

Main GangsEdit

Other Gangs Edit

Novel GangsEdit

  • The Borinquen Blazers (The Orphans)
  • The Castro Stompers (The Turnbull ACs)
  • The Coney Island Dominators (The Warriors)
  • The Delancey Thrones (The Gramercy Riffs)
  • The Golden Jenissaries
  • The Intervale Avenue Lesbos
  • The Jackson Street Masais
  • The Lords (The Rogues)
  • The Spahies (The Lizzies)


Work ForceEdit

Area CiviliansEdit

Civilian GroupsEdit


  • All the 'other gangs' make no appearances, except for the possibility of attending Cyrus' big meeting.
  • Out of all the 'main gangs', the Huns are all-Asian and the Hurricanes are all-Hispanic. The Boppers, Panzers and VC Rangers are all-black, whilst the Furies, Eliminators, Hi-Hats, JSB's, Orphans, Rogues and Satan's Mothers are all-white. The Destroyers, Lizzies, Moonrunners, Punks and Turnbull AC's are black-and-white gangs. Only the Warriors, Saracens and Riffs have as many as three races in their gangs (white, black and Hispanic).
    • The Saracens only have two known Hispanic members (Mouse and Petey). As for the Riffs and Warriors, only one Hispanic member of each gang is ever seen (the Riffs' unnamed messenger and Rembrandt, respectively).
    • It is unknown if the single-race gangs are prejudiced against other races, or just that people of a certain race want to join the gangs.
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