Gender: Male
Gang: The Gramercy Riffs
Race: Hispanic
Status: Deceased
Can you dig it?
~ Cyrus' famous line

Cyrus was the president of the Gramercy Riffs. He was played by Roger Hill and voiced by Michael Potts.


Cyrus is Puerto Rican. He is not part of the Gramercy Riffs, but has a working relationship with their leader Masai, who he uses as bodyguards. He is well spoken and adept at public speaking, and considers himself a spiritual leader to the street criminals of New York City. He sees the possibility of uniting the gangs under a general truce, believing that if the gangs were not fighting each other, they could intimidate and extort protection money and privileges from law enforcement and organized crime in the city by the advantage of numbers alone, with the Gramercy Riffs all acting as his delegates and lieutenants to keep order among the gangs, while he personally oversees the profits and power that would surely come from such a vast operation.

Another view is that he simply wanted to say hello, make a uninity of gangs understand what a hello is- having made it to that point, explained the city and the proper motions to the ocean, and then make love. But was shot by a Rogue who tested out what a bullet can surely do because they were mad for turf.

Ethnicity: Puerto-Rican


Cyrus has hubris, and believes his plans cannot fail, and that no harm could possibly come to him. His ego is understandably overblown, he's smooth and charismatic and does have a loyal following among the many gang members of New York City.

In The FilmEdit

Cyrus is the president of the Gramercy Riffs and the man responsible for calling the meeting in Van Cortlandt Park. He had plans for all of New York City's gangs to unite and control the city as one, taxing both the crime syndicates and the police. However, this vision was shattered when he was shot and killed by Luther while giving his speech at the summit.

In The GameEdit

Cyrus is seen several times explaining his plan to Masai. He is talked about often by the radio DJ, who sometimes refers to him as "Magic Man".

In The NovelEdit

In the novel, Cyrus is Ismael Rivera, the leader of the Delancey Thrones, the biggest gang in New York City. He calls together a grand assembly of street gangs everywhere to the Bronx. So gangs from all over head to Van Cortland Park in the Bronx, where the meeting is taking place. The instructions are that no one from any gang carry any weapons at all, except for a single hand gun which is a peace-offering to Ismael.

When everyone is at the meeting, Ismael announces and tells everyone that he wants a truce between them all, and for them to challenge the man which is basically society. After the speech, some gangs couldn't help but to start fighting with each other. Not long after, the police arrived after being tipped off of a big rumble. After seeing this, many gangs thought that Ismael had set them up. So they turned on him and used their gun (that was suppose to be a peace offering) to kill him.


After the prison break, Swan talks to Masai about continuing the plan of a unified gang, but Masai said Cyrus' dreams died with Cyrus.

Fighting Ability Edit

Cyrus, like most characters, shares the 2-hit combos as standard grapple moves, with Ajax's rage grapple moves. Like most characters, he uses the roundhouse and tornado kicks as power moves. Unlike most Riffs, he uses the fighting style of Ajax and Snow, and the standard cross-dive, not the flying kick.


  • The name Cyrus is an allusion to Cyrus the Younger, from Anabasis.
  • According to executive producer Frank Marshall, they originally hired a real gang member for the role of Cyrus, but could not find him on the day of filming, and never heard from him again. However, Michael Beck believes Roger Hill was always supposed to play Cyrus, as he executed the speech so perfectly, the real gang leader couldn't top Hill's performance.
  • Roger Hill sued Take-Two for using his likeness in the game. He won the suit for $250,000.