The Warriors
The Warriors

Crackerjack is the Warlord (former second-in-command) of the Hi-Hats. He was voiced by Adam Sietz.


Crackerjack wears a white shirt with black stripes on the sleeves. He is chubbier than the other Hi-Hats.

In The Game[]

Crackerjack is shown to be very loyal to Chatterbox, but after their leader's death and his promotion, he doesn't take revenge on the Warriors, probably due to him knowing the strength of the gang, or the general truce started by the Riffs over a month later. He proves to be an effective leader, when wrecking Panzers, when they entered their turf.

Fighting Ability[]

His power move is a back kick, whilst his secondary power move is a jump kick. He shares these moves only with Marcel.

Like all physically unfit and/or untrained characters in Rumble Mode, it is unknown why he can perform the back kick, jump kick and tornado kick, as one would have to be the pinnacle of physical fitness to perform such attacks, especially the latter. This is probably just a flaw in game mechanics.


  • "Let's roll!" - LET'S GO
  • "Stop here... I'm tired." - HOLD UP
  • "Take 'em down, man!" - WRECK 'EM ALL 1
  • "Take 'em down!" - WRECK 'EM ALL 2
  • "Dude... help me out, man." - WATCH MY BACK
  • "I'll squeeze your head 'til it pops!" - Threat
  • "These fuckin' kids think they can fight?!" - Threat
  • "Chatterbox is gonna piss on your corpses!" - Threat
  • "I'm not gonna take it anymore!" - Pinning opponent
  • "Why are YOU laughing at ME?!" - Pinning opponent
  • "You want some of this, huh?!" - Pinning opponent
  • "Hey, man. Help me out and there might be somethin' in it for you." - When handcuffed


  • Adam Sietz's other Rockstar voice roles consist of; one of the Innocentz in Manhunt (2003), fat cops in GTA San Andreas (2004), Zack in Bully (2006), and pedestrians in GTA IV (2008) and GTA V (2013).
    • He also voiced Jack in Bioshock (2007) and Lucifer in Alone in the Dark (2008).