Gender: Male
Gang: The Baseball Furies
Race: Caucasian
Status: Alive

BJ is a soldier of the Baseball Furies. He was played by William G. 'Billy' Anagnos.


BJ wears red and black warpaint.

In The FilmEdit

BJ is seen in getting his baseball bat after Cyrus' death and hearing the hit on the radio. Next he appears again with his team, chasing the Warriors.

In The GameEdit

BJ appears during Blackout, where he and his gang are beating up two Rogues. He is later seen in Home Run, which plays out differently to the film.


  • He can sometimes be mistaken with Zack, because both use similar face paint.
  • In Unleash the Fury Mode, he uses Fox's character model.
  • Bill Anagnos managed to make it to the Last Subway Ride festival in 2015, but unfortunately died in January of 2019.
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