The Warriors
The Warriors

Armies of the Night is a bonus objective and side-scrolling beat 'em up minigame that is featured in the 2005 video game The Warriors. The game is unlocked once you completed all 18 missions on PS2 and Xbox, and is unlocked from the start on PSP. It can be accessed from the arcade game machine inside the Warriors' hangout.


Armies of the Night takes place over five stages, and follows Swan, as he makes his way through New York City, in order to rescue Mercy, after she is kidnapped by the Gramercy Riffs.


  • Characters: P1-Swan, Cleon P2-Ajax
  • High Score: 0
  • Soldiers: 12
  • Arenas: 3


Stage Location Opponents Boss
1: Brooklyn Coney Island Destroyers Virgil, Beansie, Lemmy
Bensonhurst Jones Street Boys Knox
East Coney Satan's Mothers Spider & Tiny
2: Manhattan Chinatown Savage Huns Ghost
Soho Electric Eliminators Chatterbox
Union Square Punks Vance
3: Manhattan Union Square Lizzies Starr
Harlem Boppers Big Moe
East Harlem Hurricanes Vargas & Sanchez
4: Bronx Tremont Orphans Sully
Pelham Moonrunners Bullet
5: Brooklyn / Manhattan East Coney Rogues Luther
Riverside Baseball Furies Cobb
Graveyard Rogues Luther
Gramercy Gramercy Riffs Masai
Graveyard N/A Cyrus


  • Completing Armies of the Night unlocks 12 soldiers and 3 arenas for use in Rumble Mode.
  • This game makes a lot of references to Double Dragon. The introduction shows Mercy being punched in the gut and carried off by the Riffs just like how Marian was kidnapped by the Black warriors. The garage then opens to reveal the player which is Swan. If Armies of the Night is played by two players, Ajax is controlled by the second player, and accompanies Swan, as he attempts to rescue Mercy. When Swan and Ajax rescue Mercy, they then battle to determine who returns to Coney Island with her just like how Billy and Jimmy Lee will fight each other for Marian's love. This reference is likely due to Technos creating a game called Renegade resembling The Warriors in terms of visuals design. The success of Renegade led to the creation of Double Dragon.
  • At the end of the Armies of the Night, the player controls Cleon, and fights against the Ghost of Cyrus, similar to how you fight Luther as Masai, at the end of the main game.
  • There is an Electric Eliminator and a Moonrunner, both called Flash. Furthermore, there is a Punk and a JSB, both called Duke. Also, there is an Orphan and a JSB, both called Owen.
  • The only main gangs that weren't in Armies of the Night are The Turnbull AC's, The Panzers, The Van Cortlandt Rangers, and The Saracens. The Boyle Avenue Runners and The Gladiators also weren't in it, but they weren't in the game at all.